Green Fleet: Propane Offers Fleets Powerful Performance (Automotive Fleet)

“Jack Roush, chairman of Roush Enterprises, began his career in the automotive industry in 1964. At the age of 22, Roush worked for Ford Motor Company as a quality control inspection engineer and a process engineer. In an interview with Green Fleet, Roush described the benefits of propane use for fleets, which can¬† achieve significant savings in operations with this alternative-fuel option.”

Read Jack Roush’s interview: Green Fleet:¬†Propane Offers Fleets Powerful Performance (Automotive Fleet)

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  1. will mix says:

    Tell u what, i’ve never been more impressed in my life with an automotive genius!! Jack Roush has impressed me, and its hard to that. My name is Will Mix and i drove a 2010 427r roush on a test drive with my roush rep Taylor Bloor and buddy let me tell ya…took two 30 mile an hour corners back to back at over 100 miles an hour, rep says i was a buck 30, i wasnt watchin the odometer, i was watchin the blacktop…I had the GRIN FACTOR baby……got back to my dealership got out of the car and my foot and arm was shaking from the ridiculous ability to shift that car into third at full throttle and handles like a charm…
    I was a die hard gm fan…
    p.s. sorry Taylor, i couldnt help myself…

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