It Has the Power Farmers Need in a Pickup (PropanePickup)

“A good pickup is one of the most important tools a farmer has, so it’s important that it has the power to pull a load of hay bales or a combine head. Today, we took our Roush propane-fueled Ford F-250 to a farm near Rochester, MN to put it to work. Watch the video to see how the propane pickup handles the farm.

“A farmer’s pickup also needs to be cost efficient. Using propane as a fuel can reduce engine maintenance costs because it leaves no lead, varnish, or carbon deposits that can cause premature wear of the engine. You can compare fuel costs for the propane-fueled F-250 with the cost of fuel for the gasoline and diesel versions at”

Read the full story: It has the Power Farmers Need in a Pickup (PropanePickup)

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