Club Name Officially Decided

The polls are closed. The votes have been tabulated, and there were no hanging chads in this election. The official name for the new club is… (cue the drum roll, set off the fireworks)…

ROUSH® Road Crew

Thanks to David Stuart for the wild card suggestion that made it through to the finals. And thanks to everyone who cast their vote.

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3 Responses to Club Name Officially Decided

  1. Florida Roush Dude says:

    Glad to have a name for the Club. I didn’t vote for it but I am fine with the new name.

  2. LeeU says:

    The name is a little disappointing, sounds like we’re picking up trash or something. Guess since Roush already sells Road Crew shirts for awhile it makes since. Sice this is a club will the name be Roush Road Crew Club??

  3. Congratulations, good name!, the best Roush Team!, I am very proud to be a member of this club, Thank you!
    Best Regards,
    Sergio Perdomo

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