Spot. Play. Win a ROUSH Mustang.

Nationwide Insurance is offering a new sweepstakes to reward NASCAR fans for their support and passion of the series the company sponsors. The grand-prize winner will receive a customized ROUSH® Ford Mustang and a VIP experience at the Roush Fenway Nationwide race shop. The excursion includes an opportunity to meet Jack Roush and his NASCAR Nationwide Series drivers and race a ROUSH® Ford Mustang around Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Visit to register and enter, or click here for the press release about the contest.

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2 Responses to Spot. Play. Win a ROUSH Mustang.

  1. Pauline Chapman says:

    My husband bought a 1996 Mystic Cobra new. The paint, or clearcoat, has damage spots showing. It has almost 16,000 miles and has always been babied and housed in our garage.
    We have been admirers of Roush for many years.
    June 28th my husband of 44 years passed away. He had wanted to tour the Roush facility in Livonia, MI.
    I was wondering if Roush would “Roush” my Mustang in his memory.
    Thank you
    Pauline Chapman
    ROUSH: Pauline, while we sympathize with your loss, unfortunately we are unable to build you a tribute car in his memory.

  2. John Chandler says:

    How can I find of get the codes you are talking about?
    ROUSH: For information on how to play, visit

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