All Remaining 2010 Jack Roush Appearances Canceled

To help reduce his travel schedule and aid his recovery, Jack Roush has requested that we cancel all his remaining 2010 dealer appearances. This includes the September 30 event at Long MacArthur Ford, and the October 28 signing at Town & Country Ford. No makeup dates will be scheduled.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding of his request. As soon as a 2011 schedule of his appearances is approved, those dates will be published.

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3 Responses to All Remaining 2010 Jack Roush Appearances Canceled

  1. Ron Williamson says:

    Get back in the swing of things Jack. We, your loyal fans, can wait on you. But not too long. lol. I need you to sign my Stage 3 Mustang when you get a chance. Thanks.

  2. Jim Nelson says:

    I whis Jack Roush would talk to my Ford dealer it seems he does not have time Legacy Ford Pasco Washington
    thanks Jim
    ROUSH: Jack’s dealer appearances have typically been scheduled in/close to where he has to travel for a NASCAR race that week. So far there has been no NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race scheduled in Washington, Oregon, or up in the Pacific Northwest which has made it challenging to get him up into that area so far.

  3. Bill Doolittle says:

    Remembering what you always told Rod G. from Ford back in 1982; “I always jump before I punch, you’ll think you were hit by a much bigger guy” . . . so jump back into action as soon as you can, Jack. All the best for a full and quick recovery, – Bill Doolittle (Roush / ECS, Chrysler Maserati and Turbo II powertrain programs – 1982)

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