Parent Tested – Kid Approved!

Parent Tested Kid Approved ROUSH® makes fun vehicles. They put a smile on your face the moment you see one, not to mention that goofy grin that comes from driving one. These are the type of cars and trucks that make you the cool guy or gal among your friends and co-workers. But kids like them too. In their mind, a ROUSH Mustang is sort of like a Hot Wheels toy that comes to life. Children love to climb in the seat and enjoy the looks, the sounds, the acceleration, and being the “cool kid” who gets chauffeured to school in a ROUSH.

So, we like to say that ROUSH vehicles are “Parent Tested – Kid Approved!” Do you have any kids that enjoy having a ROUSH car or truck in the family?

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  1. Frank Boecherer says:

    YES! My two sons, 5 and 7, get chauffeured to school every day in my Stage 3. Of course all the other kids at school remember the car (and some of the parents too) and ask their dads when they are going to drive something cool too.

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