The Next Contest Car For You to Win?

ContestCar377x283 We’re showing off a 5XR Mustang to a bunch of the Roush Fenway Racing and other NASCAR┬ásponsors today and tomorrow in advance of the season-finale at Homestead this weekend. Could this be a contest car for you to win next year?

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5 Responses to The Next Contest Car For You to Win?

  1. Incredi Bill says:

    Saw this car in person today in Palm Bay FL at the Corvette road race. Love this car. Thinking of trading in my 427??? Jack and his team just keep on getting it better every year. Thanks

  2. Jorge Colon says:

    That is a very beautiful car ! That’s my favorite type of car ! I’m a mustang man I have always been a mustang man and will die being one ! I love the color and what you have done with it ! I hope I win this car ! Thank you

  3. bill gorman says:

    Thisis the nicest mustang I have ever seen!!!

  4. Bernard Lott says:

    I have been a huge Roush Fan ever since I purchased my Stage 2 back in 2001. I simply love the new 5XR model and have been dreaming of owning one since they debuted. I will be looking for the start of the official contest in the hopes of owning what would be a dream car. Jack Roush makes the best Mustangs on the planet. Carroll Who??

  5. nanik sadhwani says:


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