ROUSH Garage Sale Sneak Peek Video

If you’re coming to the ROUSH® Garage Sale here is a sneak peek of what you’ll find once you enter the former Vehicle Assembly area of ROUSH Building 50. There is not a list of merchandise available, but this video will give you an idea of the boxes and boxes of items that will be available in our biggest sale yet. Remember, first come first served.

The ROUSH Garage Sale will take place on Friday, December 10 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Eastern). The ROUSH Garage Sale will also continue on Saturday, December 11 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Eastern). The address is 28156 Plymouth Road in Livonia, Mich.

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4 Responses to ROUSH Garage Sale Sneak Peek Video

  1. Andrew Dvorsky says:

    Do you have any 2005 stock front bumper cover and grill in Ford Performance White? If so how much and will you ship or do you have to be there to purchase? Thank you in advance for your assistance!
    ROUSH: We do not have any take-off parts from 2005 F-150 trucks anymore. Sorry, but those were sold off years ago.

  2. Neftali Moreno says:

    We need a garage sale for internet,please,I live in Los Angeles,Ca.saludos.
    ROUSH: Many of the items have been – and will continue to be – posted to the ROUSH Overstock section and eBay now and into the future.

  3. JOSEPH T KOSTER says:

    I’m looking for a high performance setup to replace my 1989 F250 4×4 v/8 (302) & 5 speed manual trans. (330,000 mi). What do recomend? I would like to do a turn key change. Please include priceing & dealer ship location, I’m located in Seville Ohio 44273.
    ROUSH: It is nearly impossible to provide a quote based on this information. Please call 800-59-ROUSH and discuss your project please.

  4. Marcus says:

    Is there a way to buy any left over parts after the garage sale over the phone?
    ROUSH: Anything left over from the Garage Sale may be posted to our eBay store.

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