ROUSH Performance Products featured on Two Guys Garage

The crew from Two Guys Garage upgraded a 2012 Mustang using a few of ROUSH’s performance parts. View the clips below to check out some of the parts that were installed.

Mustang Body Kit Install Two Guys GarageClip 1:
The Two Guys crew installs a 2011-2012 ROUSH Rear Valance kit. Part #420009



Mustang Supercharger Install Two Guys Garage

Clip 2:
Two Guys crew talks about the ROUSH Supercharger with one of ROUSH’s very own install techs. Check out ROUSH’s line up of Superchargers Here.



Mustang Suspension Install Clip Two Guys

Clips 3:
The Two Guys get ready to install a ROUSH Mustang Suspension kit.  Part #421156

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