Teaser Video: The NEW 2018 ROUSH F-150

3N1A2505.00_00_15_09.Still0033N1A2505.00_00_35_19.Still001The ROUSH F-150 is officially returning for another year of production! ROUSH Performance recently released a video teasing the unveiling of the new 2018 ROUSH F-150. The new truck joins a lineup that will include the ROUSH Mustang, ROUSH Nitemare, ROUSH F-250, and ROUSH Raptor.

The quick video shows the CAD design process and development, right through to the production of one of the main components of the 2018 ROUSH F-150.

Check back for updates as the 2018 ROUSH F-150 comes to life! Check the video teaser out here!

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