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ROUSH Performance Factory Mod Center Spring Promotion — 45% off Labor Services

Factory Mod Center With Mustang Thumb

Spring has officially arrived and it’s time to take the cover off your hot rod and finally get to those performance upgrades you’ve been talking about doing. Now, have these upgrades completed at the ROUSH® Performance Factory Mod Center. Continue reading

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Jack Roush meets with ROUSH Performance enthusiasts at Fritts Ford (Riverside, CA)

Fritts Ford Jack Roush Appearance Thumb

Jack Roush, one of the most famous names within the motorsports and performance automotive industries, partnered with the team at Fritts Ford in Riverside, CA, for a special appearance at their dealership on March 24th. Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes: 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang

2012 Stage 3 Studio Shots Thumb

Behind the scenes with the 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang. Watch as the new 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang is photographed at 1880 Studios.

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Hot Off The Press: The New ROUSH Parts Catalog

ROUSH Catalog Thumb

This new catalog boasts over 100 pages of products and information, ranging from superchargers, suspension kit, body kits, exhausts, information about our company and club, and much more. Continue reading

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Spring Into A New Look With ROUSH Mustang Body Kits

2012 Stage 3 Rear Car Thumb

Spring time just around the corner, and so are the car shows come with it. Add these styling upgrades to improve the look of your 1999-2012 Mustang. All products can be installed in your garage in a couple of hours so no need to pay for expensive installation. Continue reading

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Catch Up If You Can With The ROUSH Performance Road Racing Team

ROUSH 61 Car 5XR Thumb

It’s now the middle of March, and for the ROUSH Performance road racing team, the 2011 season is already well underway. Just like last year, we had a rocky start to the year at Daytona. Continue reading

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California, Here We Come!

Mustang-Supercharger-Automatic-421277 Thumb

ROUSH Performance has received our California Air Resources Board Executive Order number (E.O.) for the 2011 ROUSH Calibrated 5.0L Mustang Supercharger kit (part #421142). Continue reading

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The Calibrated ROUSH 2011 Mustang Supercharger

Mustang-Supercharger-Automatic-421277 Thumb

Give your 2011 5.0L Mustang massive power with the Calibrated ROUSH 2011 Mustang Supercharger. This supercharger kit brings the total power to 525+ horsepower and 465 ft-lbs of torque. Continue reading

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Poll: Pre-Spring Upgrades

One Lap Media Car Thumb

Poll: Pre-Spring Upgrades Continue reading

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Billy Johnson Grand-Am Blog: 2011 Daytona Race Preview

ROUSH Race Car 120 Thumb

You would think the off-season is a relaxing low-pressure time in racing. In fact it’s quite the opposite. While the holidays are suppose to be a time of joy and relaxation, in motorsports it’s often a very busy and stressful time for everyone. Continue reading

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