ROUSH Custom Products and Services

ROUSH offers a number of custom automotive products and services:

ROUSH Install Shop

Now you can have the same mechanics that build ROUSH vehicles upgrade your own vehicle.

Call 800-59-ROUSH to schedule your upgrade today!

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Custom Graphics

Get your own custom graphics design, printed, and installed by the same experts that manage the graphics for official ROUSH vehicles, major automotive companies, and ROUSH race cars.

Call 800-59-ROUSH to discuss your own custom graphics project.

Custom Engines

ROUSH offers extensive custom engine build services to take your hot rod to the next level.

Call us at 800-59-ROUSH to discuss your custom engine project.

Hot Rod Restoration

ROUSH provides complete restoration services of high-end vehicles and hot rods.

Call 734-779-7680 to discuss the restoration of your hot rod.

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