Here at ROUSH, we believe that automotive performance isn't just something that you do or even something that you're just interested in. It's a way of life. Below is information on the ROUSH Road Crew and ROUSH events. Both are geared toward giving you an outlet for your passion for performance.

ROUSH Road Crew™

The ROUSH Road CrewThe ROUSH® Road Crew™ is the official club for ROUSH enthusiasts. You don't need to own a ROUSH vehicle to join, but you do need to have passion for ROUSH.

ROUSH Road Crew Meet in UtahMembership costs only $35 (USD) per year. Benefits include:

  • Member kit (personalized credential, RRC cap, and more)
  • ROUSH Road Crew window decal
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Access to member-only ROUSH Road Crew forum and exclusive information

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Pay Online With PayPal Or Credit Card:

Pay Offline With Check Or Credit Card: (Mail/Fax)
Download the RRC Membership Application PDF - Club Membership Application Form 012011.pdf

ROUSH Performance Events

These include appearances, shows, club events, track days, and more.

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