Mustang Supercharger, M90 ROUSHcharger® (2009)

Part #: 420116

Product Features

  • Makes 435 hp and 400 ft-lb in total power at flywheel (135 hp / 80 lb-ft increase)
  • M90 2009 Ford Mustang Supercharger for 4.6L 3-valve V8 motor (GT)
  • Flat black finish on supercharger housing
  • To be downloaded using the ROUSH Diagnostic Tool (RDT) software.
  • 50 state legal (EO #D-418-18)
  • Features "ROUSH" logo on supercharger housing
  • Part #420116

This M90 Mustang Supercharger for the 2009 Mustang boosts the total power at the flywheel to 435 hp and 400 lb-ft, creating an increase of 135 hp and 80 lb-ft over the stock GT (4.6L 3-valve V8) engine.

This system can be used with both automatic and manual transmission vehicles and is 50-state legal. The kit includes all required instructions, hardware, fasteners, and brackets -- no supplemental kits/parts are required.

This supercharger kit for Mustang year model 2009 includes the following components:

  • ROUSH M90 supercharger (roots-style)
  • Air-to-water intercooler system
  • High-flow fuel injectors
  • Intake manifold
  • 73mm supercharger pulley (generating 5 PSI of boost)
  • ROUSH Induction system
  • ROUSH Flash Voucher Card

This part now utilizes the ROUSH Flash Voucher card to be calibrated using ROUSH Diagnostic Tool (RDT) software and pass-thru device. If you do not have access to an approved pass-thru device, you can send your PCM back to ROUSH to be flashed for an additional $100.00 fee.

Please contact Customer Care at 800-59-ROUSH if you have any questions.

The ROUSH M90 Mustang supercharger system has been extensively design, used, and proven as a rock-solid piece. Part of the robustness comes from a hidden but very important part of the system: the ROUSH calibration.

ROUSH is widely recognized as a market leader for calibration in the automotive world. It's because of this expertise that our systems not only perform, but they also make your engine last. A common problem with calibrations from our competition is that they destroy the engine or cause poor drivability with incomplete calibrations across the environmental extremes. You will not find these problems here. As a result, we stand behind this Mustang supercharger kit with an industry-leading 3 year / 36,000 mile drivetrain warranty or one year on ROUSH components for vehicles past their warranty expiration (see the ROUSH warranty document for details). Once you receive your M90 2009 Ford Mustang Supercharger, simply send us your PCM (shipment fee for PCM is included in purchase price). We will then update the PCM and send it back to you.

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Mustang: 2009