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Mustang Replacement Service Parts from ROUSHROUSH offers a selection of Mustang service parts, including air filters, oil filters, engine belts, and headlamps. Each of these parts replace wear items, but do so while delivering superior performance.

ROUSH oil filters have twice the capacity of leading brand, while the filter media used in them is made from a superior cellulose and synthetic blend material, producing a high-efficiency 99.2 percent contaminant capture rate. The case of these filters is designed to withstand five times the typical operating pressure of your engine. The benefit of this heavy duty case is a better ability to handle cold start surges but road debris. The internally lubricated low torque gasket provides a tight seal, while still making removal easy. And lastly, oil is kept in the canister with a the silicone anti-drainback valve, preventing against dry starts.

The air filters of this line feature a specially designed filter media that optimizes dirt filtering and holding capacity and protects against engine wear due to airborn contaminants.

ROUSH® Vivid headlamp bulbs improves driver visibility at night due to its truer, whiter light, rather than the blue tinted light common with high-intensity bulbs (which create an offensive glare).

ROUSH engine belts are intended for use with a ROUSH supercharger kit. The belts are made with self-lubricating fabric and provide superior resistance to abrasion. The belts also feature high modulus glass fiber non-stretch cords, which deliver length stability and keep the engine running smoothly over the life of the belt.