ESCORT RedLine and SmartCord Live Giveaway - Contest Completed

Have a chance to win a ESCORT RedLine radar detector and an ESCORT SmartCord Live!

ESCORT RedLine and SmartCord Live

ROUSH Performance and ESCORT have teamed up to offer one lucky winner with a great combination of products from ESCORT with a total combined MSRP value of $599.90.

About ESCORT's RedLine Radar Detector

RedLine provides the longest range detection on the market for every signal out there. Its twin-antenna design amplifies each given band, while also being completely undetectable. ESCORT then adds its Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) technology to prevent false alarms. Click here to learn more about TSR.

The RedLine also includes next generation laser detection with multiple sensors strategically positioned to detect even the smallest amount of laser light, including off-axis signals.

> Click here to learn more about the ESCORT RedLine Radar Detector

About ESCORT's SmartCord Live

The SmartCord Live is an innovative product that provides easy access to ESCORT Live -- a real-time ticket protection network. With SmartCord Live! added to your compatible detector, and you'll be connected to other detector owners on the road. ESCORT Live also also provides alerts for speed limit changes, live traffic information, and much more. Be connected to the most automated, accurate, and instantaneous driver alert network ever with ESCORT Live.

The ESCORT SmartCord Live is available in versions for both Apple iPhone and Android. The winner of this contest will be contacted for which version they need for their prize.

> Click here to learn more about the ESCORT SmartCord Live

This giveaway ended at Sunday, March 31st, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST. Please stay tuned as the winner will be announced soon.
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