700hp Symphony - 2013 Stage 3 SEMA Phase 3 Mustang

Description: This is what we here at ROUSH Performance call, "Music to our Ears!" Blower whine and exhaust notes flooding the air waves from our 700hp 2013 Stage 3 SEMA Phase 3 Show Mustang. The R2300 TVS Supercharger can be heard churning away under the hood, while our Performance exhaust system makes sure to evacuate all of that force-fed air from the 5.0L Coyote engine, while soothing your ear drums with all of it's throaty goodness. *Note - TVS Superchargers, by design, are not as loud as previous generation roots and twin screw style blowers when it comes to "whine." We captured the supercharger whine by placing a mic under the hood the car to help accentuate this aspect of the supercharger. Do not expect your R2300 whine to be this loud.
Published: Dec 10, 2012
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Length: 0:29
Author: ROUSH Performance
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