ROUSH Receives DCX Design Excellence Award

Livonia, MI (November 15, 2004) – At the recent Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Roush received a Design Excellence award from Daimler Chrysler for their Dodge Magnum modification package.  The award recognized Roush’s "…innovative thinking, design excellence, and superior process management," a salute to Roush’s expertise in designing and engineering high performance derivative vehicles.

"The keys to success on this program were simple: we started with a great product (the Magnum RT), we enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Chrysler Design Group and the folks at Daimler Chrysler, and we could leverage the extensive design, engineering, and manufacturing resources of Roush Enterprises," commented Roush CEO Evan Lyall.

Roush’s Performance Products group, known for their line of high performance vehicle derivatives and crate engines, led the Magnum project team which included the Roush Design Studio and the Rapid Prototyping, Advanced Composites, Paint, and Trim Department staffs in developing a dramatic modification package.  "Everyone at Roush was extremely excited about this project," said Joe Thompson, Manager of Roush Performance.  "It gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase Roush’s full-service capabilities, and the Magnum is our kind of car – it’s powerful, it’s bold, and it’s aggressive.  Our modification package was designed to further enhance those attributes and generate enthusiasm for a derivative package."

Roush used their extensive engineering, design, modeling, prototyping, and manufacturing services to take this project from the sketchpad to the showroom floor at SEMA, with much of the work done in Roush’s Livonia Design Studio.  In less than five weeks, they produced a dramatic modification package that included front and rear fascia, front grille, rear spoiler, wheels, tires, shocks, struts, performance exhaust, seating, blackout hood treatment, performance glass, and Roush window banners.

Roush is well-positioned to partner with OEMs as they embrace the public’s growing enthusiasm for derivative vehicles.  Roush, with its OEM caliber design studio and state-of-the art manufacturing and painting facilities, is unique among automotive suppliers in its ability to design, develop, and manufacture vehicle components under one roof.  The Roush Magnum demonstrates how creative design, effective OEM/supplier collaboration, seamless services, and streamlined processes combine to produce award-winning results.

Roush is a full-service engineering supplier headquartered in the Detroit suburb of Livonia, Michigan, with over 2,500 employees in more than 50 facilities located throughout North America, Mexico, Europe, and the Far East.  Widely recognized for providing engineering, program management, prototype development, and manufacturing services to the transportation industry, Roush also provides significant support to the electronics, consumer product, and motorsports industries.

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ROUSH Performance
ROUSH Performance
ROUSH Performance, a division of Roush Enterprises, designs, engineers and manufactures completely assembled pre-titled vehicles, aftermarket performance parts, and superchargers for the global performance enthusiast market. Based in Plymouth Township, Michigan, ROUSH Performance was founded in 1995 by motorsports legend Jack Roush.
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