Horsepower TV To Upgrade A Mustang To ROUSH Levels

FRANKLIN, Tenn. -- Be sure to watch this weekend and next as "Horsepower TV" upgrades a stock Ford Mustang GT into one of the hottest pony cars you can build.

Horsepower_hosts On Saturday, September 2nd at noon (ET/PT), and Sunday, September 3rd at 11a.m. (ET/PT), on Spike TV, the show hosts Joe Elmore and Mike Galley will be installing a ROUSHchargerTM on the car. This power upgrade will boost the horsepower of the vehicle to 415, with a torque increase of an additional 65 lb-ft. The car was run “before” and “after” on the chassis dyno providing real-world data on the ROUSHchargerTM performance.

Though we don’t want to spoil the ending, let’s just say that both Elmore and Galley were amply impressed with the ease of the ROUSHchargerTM installation, basically claiming that in the more than 1000 television programs they have shot using thousands of products, "this is the best engineered product, the easiest install, and the most thoroughly written instruction manual we have ever used on the air."

A rerun of the program will air on Sunday, Sept. 6 at 11 a.m. (ET/PT), also on Spike TV.

But the upgrades don't stop there. The following weekend this car will see the installation of a ROUSH body kit, upgraded suspension and brakes. This show will air on Spike TV on Saturday, September 9 (noon ET/PT) and Sunday, September 10 (11 a.m. ET/PT).

If you are interested in adding a ROUSHchargerTM, suspension package, or body kit to your Mustang, you’ll want to be sure to watch when these programs air to get a feel on how simple it can be to upgrade your Mustang to ROUSH levels.

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