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Come as Jack Roush takes you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes video tour of his "toy" museum in Livonia, Mich., and gives his personal insight and the history behind many of the vehicles in his personal collection.  This multi-part series will have a new episode uploaded on the 1st and 15th of each month, so be sure to come back often to watch the entire series.  This museum is rarely opened to the public, and the stories Jack weaves are heard infrequently, so punch your ticket and join the tour group today.


Episode 1: Boss 429 Mustang


In this episode he gives his personal insight into the development of the Boss 429 Mustang


Episode 2: Bullitt One


In this episode he tells about the history of Bullitt One, a Mustang prototype with styling cues that go back to the famous movie car


Episode 3: Army Air Corps Staff Car


In this episode he tells the story behind his 1941 Army Air Corp Staff Car


Episode 4: John Player Special Trans-Am Mustang


In this installment Roush discusses the widely-recognized John Player Special Trans-Am Mustang


Episode 5: Ford Indigo


In this episode he talks about the Ford Indigo, a unique show car. Also, there is some historical footage from the Ford archives of this car on track


Episode 6: 1920s Ford Model T Sportster


In this installment Roush shows a 1920s-era Ford Model T Sportster, the “hot rod” of the time


Episode 7: 1935 Hispano Suiza


This episode has Jack talking about a rare 1935 Hispano Suiza and all the work that went into the engine


Episode 8: 1939 Ford Cabriolet


Jack talks about his 1939 Ford Cabriolet, its ties to his P-51 Mustang airplane, and how this car competes in The Great Race


Episode 9: Two 1960s Mustang Convertibles


This episode has Jack talking about a pair of 1960s Mustang convertibles, one which is a recreation of a car he owned while working for Ford, the other rescued from a fire


Episode 10: All Sport Trans-Am Mustang


Jack talks about the All Sport Mustang that Tommy Kendall drove to 12 wins in 1995, his final season in Trans-Am racing


Episode 11: 1965 Ford Mustang "K-Code"


This episode has Jack talking about a 1965 Mustang with the high-performance "K-Code" engine that he often drives around Michigan in the summer


Episode 12: ROUSH 427R


Jack talks about the popular ROUSH 427R Mustang


Episode 13: ROUSH F-150 Pickups


In this installment, Jack talks about the line of ROUSH F-150 pickup trucks


Episode 14: Ford 427 Mark II Engine


This episode shows the 427 Mark II engine which was used in the Ford GT40 which won Le Mans, and includes some great historical footage of the car on the racetrack


Episode 15: 2005 Ford GT


In this installment, Jack talks about the 2005 Ford GT, the work that ROUSH Industries did on the car and how that transferred into the ROUSH Performance Mustangs and truck line


Episode 16: Mustang Pace Cars


Jack talks about a couple of Ford Mustang pace cars in this episode – a 1994 Indy 500 Pace Car tribute vehicle and a 1980s era PPG CART Series pace car. Also seen is a Mustang prepared by ROUSH for use at the Bob Bondurant Driving School.


Episode 17: P-51 Mustang Airplane


In this episode Jack steps out of the museum and into the seat of his other Mustang love, the P-51 airplane.

















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