A Leader in the Sport, Roush Fenway Racing Pledges "Green"

Sonoma377x283 Concord, N.C. – With the country under new leadership and the start of a new race season upon us, Roush Fenway Racing announces their pledge to sustainability and environmental protection. Always a leader in the sport of NASCAR on and off track, Roush Fenway Racing will continue current environmental initiatives and look into new initiatives to "go green" in 2009. There are many aspects of the sport which will not change in the immediate future when it comes to environmental impact. However, the environment is a topic that’s important to many of our sponsor partners as well as the world, so in an effort to be good stewards of the planet, Roush Fenway Racing continues to seek ways to be environmentally conscious from materials in their daily operations, to the expansion and construction of facilities.

"We have an obligation to the global community to give back," said Jack Roush, co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing. "The nature of our business is one that we use gas and metals but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the environment. Roush Fenway and ROUSH Performance have been doing things like recycling, looking into alternative fuels and working on innovated LEED building design features for several years and we will continue to look at what we can do to improve the environment."





Roush Fenway Racing currently recycles oil, solvent, steel, tires, aluminum, paper and plastic bottles and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ian Prince, Roush Fenway’s LEED certified person on staff, oversees the operations of Roush Fenway’s 25-acre campus with three buildings totaling more than 190,000 Sq. ft. All the building have innovated LEED building design features including (but not limited to) solar shades on southern exposure to reduce solar heat gain and glare, reducing the amount of artificial building cooling required; interior lighting controlled by individual occupancy and photoelectric sensors to reduce electrical usage; motion activated plumbing fixtures to reduce potable water use; and rain and storm water run off captured and contained for landscape irrigation reducing the need for potable water. As a point of interest, Roush Fenway uses no city water they have their own wells and storm water reclamation.


In addition, Roush Fenway has proposed an emission reduction program to LED retrofit the shop Metal Halide lighting resulting in a 530 Megawatt savings of electricity each year. The use of Building Integrated Photovoltaic laminates that will produce 13,710kWh per year of electricity for 20 years to be sold back to the utilities companies is also being proposed. But that’s not where the effort ends.


Roush Fenway Racing Sprint Cup standouts Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle are purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) as part of their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.




"It’s important to me on many levels that we protect the environment so that generations to come can enjoy the same things I do today," said Edwards. "One thing that I’m doing to help is purchasing Renewable Energy Credits through Brighter Planet. It’s a small step but it’s one that I want to take to do my part. The ‘go green’ initiative is still relatively new and I think we are all learning about it and I’ll continue to do my homework and do my part as I become more educated."


Roush Fenway’s sister company, the Boston Red Sox, has a partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a nationally renowned environmental organization, to make Fenway Park even more "green" through a series of initiatives to improve the environment. Their efforts include a recycling program, improved removal of refuse, and the consideration of solar panels to reduce energy consumption. All of their initiatives are scheduled to be implemented by 2012.


In Michigan, Roush Fenway’s other sister company, ROUSH Performance, is making strides in the research and development of alternative fuels. Their primary focus is propane as a source of alternative fuel for trucks, vans and cars. Propane is the third most commonly used fuel, it costs on average around 30 percent less than gas and burns cleaner than gas and is currently being used in Ford F-150’s. On January 20, 2009, ROUSH Performance unveiled a 2010 F-250 and plans for an E-250 in development.


"Aside from its superb engineering, this vehicle is right here, right now. It is an alternative fuel vehicle that has an established refueling infrastructure to support it," says Joe Thompson, general manager of ROUSH Performance. "This vehicle will have a positive impact on reducing emissions and our dependency on foreign oil."


In addition, ROUSH is also working on the following alternative fuel/alternative energy projects:






  • REV (Roush Electric Vehicle) - Developed compact, front-wheel drive pickup for limited mileage environments ranging from campuses and parks to self-contained communities and large commercial developments.
  • Hydrogen Pick-up (for GM) - Provided powertrain and electronic control system support to develop and build fleet of 10 vehicles with hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines.
  • Diesel ATV - Worked with Arctic Cat to integrate diesel powertrain into an existing gasoline-powered ATV for military applications.
  • Ford Escape Hybrid - Provided a variety of development support services including packaging/CAD, prototype builds, and fleet testing.
  • Worked with Ford’s fuel cell development group to design and build a fuel cell vehicle that achieved more than 200 mph at Bonneville Flats.
  • Currently working with two major suppliers of lithium ion batteries to assist with packaging their cell technologies into a variety of vehicle platforms.
  • Over the past several years we have had many NVH projects related to fuel cell, hybrid and all electric vehicles. These projects have involved improving overall vehicle NVH as well as improving NVH on specific components in these vehicles such as:
    • hybrid transmissions
    • electric power steering pumps
    • electric AC compressors
    • electric brake vacuum pumps
    • electric motor powerplants
    • fuel cell cooling pumps & fans
  • Various acoustic and vibration studies.
  • Developed lower NVH components.
  • Currently targeted to be the production supplier for a constrained-layer damping part on an electric motor powerplant system.
  • In discussion with developers of solar and wind power technologies to leverage our rapid prototyping and advanced composites expertise and capabilities.
  • Extensive emissions testing for a number of major vehicle and powertrain manufacturers engaged in alternative fuel technologies. Fuel types tested include propane, natural gas, and hydrogen.

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