ROUSH 2010 Mustang Insider: Tools a Plenty


Tooling177x177 As you would expect, there are plenty of tools at ROUSH®. But the type of tooling that you might be interested in aren’t the hammers, wrenches or screwdrivers. It’s the tooling that relates to the new 2010 ROUSH® Mustang, as in the huge blocks of metal that are carved out to make the molds for the different body components.

The tool to make a single body component, say the front fascia, has to be cut by a machine out of a solid block of metal. In this case, that block is larger than a small car and weights substantially more too! It takes weeks, literally, for the tool to be produced, and then pre-production parts must be made off that tooling to verify the fit and appearance.

The toolings for the major components on the ROUSH® 2010 Mustang are already done in some cases, or very close to being finished. It is another milestone as we reach the checkered flag for grand unveil.


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