ROUSH 2010 Mustang Insider: 11,600 Man Hours


TimeClock177x177 It takes a lot of time to design a new car. In the case of the new ROUSH® 2010 Mustang, that comes out to more than 11,600 man hours. We’ll save you the trouble; this calculates out to 5.6 years of time spent on the initial designs, clay modeling, styling, CAD drafting, and Class A surfacing.

With a staff of nearly 2,000 people, ROUSH® is able to substantially compress the timeline on the development of the ROUSH® 2010 Mustang. Those 11,600 hours were accumulated in a span of just a few weeks. Obviously, a company without this same level of staff and resources simply has to cut corners just to get to market while the body style is still current.

Other aftermarket companies typically make a quick splash mold off the prototype body components; even though it may look smooth, in reality there are a lot of small imperfections that are magnified in the finished production pieces. Often looking at these closely will show ripples, valleys, or other defects that detract from the overall aesthetics.

ROUSH® has the capabilities in-house to refine those Class A surfaces, the ones that you can see, feel and touch. Our engineering teams use highly-advanced technology to digitally smooth out any of those minor imperfections - often even smaller than the eye can see - before making the tooling for those production body kits. It’s just another example of the massive resources that ROUSH® has available in the quest to produce the finest products on the market.


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