ROUSH 2010 Mustang Insider: Parts a Plenty


2010Parts177x177 ROUSH® has been burning the midnight oil on the parts program for the 2010 Mustang, and will, in fact, have 35 different components specific to that vehicle available by early March. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment when you think about it – ROUSH® will have on the shelf aftermarket parts for a new car that won’t even be delivered to the dealers yet!

Mustangs and customization have gone hand-in-hand throughout the 45-year history of the car and ROUSH® will help continue that tradition. Parts will be available to make the Mustang quicker, enhance the appearance, or turn your daily commute into a slalom course.

"I am very proud of how quickly our engineering teams have been able to develop these new products for the 2010 Mustang," said Jack Roush. "Ford has created a beautiful new car, and with the addition of the ROUSH® parts an owner can have a vehicle that performs just as nice as it looks. Its simply amazing to think that a customer can buy a ROUSH® part for his new car the same time it is being driven off the transporter at the dealer lot."

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ROUSH Performance
ROUSH Performance, a division of Roush Enterprises, designs, engineers and manufactures completely assembled pre-titled vehicles, aftermarket performance parts, and superchargers for the global performance enthusiast market. Based in Plymouth Township, Michigan, ROUSH Performance was founded in 1995 by motorsports legend Jack Roush.
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