ROUSH 2010 Mustang Insider: The Rumble


Exhaust177x177 ROUSH® Mustangs have always been known to have that deep rumble coming from the exhaust. The sound of American V-8 muscle ready to flex is just about the sweetest sound an auto enthusiast can hear.

The ROUSH® 2010 Mustang will have that same harmonious tone, the sound that causes people to turn and look as you drive down the street, the type of rumble that sets off car alarms in the parking structure. But the resonator pipes are staggered a few inches apart which helps to greatly reduce that aggravating drone that many exhaust systems have while in cruise mode, the one time you don’t want an overly intrusive exhaust.

The exhaust is a stainless steel cat-back system, and the good news is that anyone wanting to install as a separate component on their own car will no longer have to use a special valence or cut the rear fascia. The stock tips will be round on the ROUSH® 2010 Mustang, and will fit a regular Ford GT Mustang as well. In fact, the engineers have designed this exhaust to use the OEM hangers making a very simple garage project for anyone wanting to put a ROUSH® exhaust on their personal vehicle.


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