A New Era Starts With Job One on the ROUSH 2010 Mustang


ROUSHJobOne377x269 LIVONIA, Mich. – It is the start of a new era at ROUSH® Performance as the first production 2010 Mustangs begin to roll off the Livonia, Mich., assembly line. This officially makes five generations of the iconic Ford pony car that has motorsports legend Jack Roush’s name attached to it.

The first production ROUSH® Mustang is a Grabber Blue 427R™ coupe which carries serial number 10-001. It was built for Lance Cunningham Ford in Knoxville, Tenn. As the top ROUSH® dealer in 2008, Lance Cunningham Ford earned the rights to receive the very first 2010 ROUSH® Mustang.

The second ROUSH® 2010 Mustang is a Torch Red Stage 1™ convertible (serial number 10-002) ordered by Town & Country Ford in Bessemer, Ala.; this vehicle will first be shown at the ROUSH® display during this week’s Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration at Barber Motorsports Park.


Town and Country Ford also ordered a Black 2010 ROUSH 427R™ coupe that is tagged with serial number 10-003;both cars will be sold to lucky customers following the 45th Anniversary events.

"This is a day we have been looking forward to for the past several months, and it really is a great feeling to see that very first 2010 ROUSH® Mustang roll off the line," said Joe Thompson, vice-president and general manager of ROUSH® Performance. "All the planning, meetings, and work that has gone into this vehicle is now being paid back and I am excited to finally get our customers behind the wheel. There is no doubt that this 2010 ROUSH® Mustang will exceed expectations and is an excellent evolution in terms of performance and styling."

Early orders for the ROUSH® 2010 Mustangs have been strong, with the first two months of bailment vehicles from Ford essentially sold out to the ROUSH® dealer base. Because of this initial enthusiasm for the ROUSH® Mustang, Ford has increased the number of Mustangs allocated to ROUSH®.

According to Jack Roush, there is a reason that this new car has already experienced this success in the marketplace.

"We are really proud of our engineering disciplines and were able to showcase our strengths during the development of this new vehicle. But more than just horsepower, the ROUSH® Mustangs have an extremely sophisticated suspension system that offers not only a smooth ride on the road, but more than 1G on the skid pad which proves that this car handles better than many of the exotic European sports cars," said the motorsports legend, adding that the ROUSH® 2010 Mustang also has a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

With production now underway, the ROUSH® 2010 Mustang will soon be showing up on dealer lots and in garages across the country.

Based in Livonia, Mich., "The Art of Performance Engineering" takes place at ROUSH Performance. To get a look behind the scenes at what goes on at ROUSH and how the vehicles and parts are designed, manufactured, tested and produced logon to www.ROUSHtv.com. For more information see your local ROUSH dealer, visit www.ROUSHperformance.com or telephone toll-free (800) 59-ROUSH.

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