ROUSH Insider: Sticking to the Road

2010suspension377x283 ROUSH® is well known for making horsepower, but that does you no good if you can’t get the car to stick. In the past, ROUSH® Mustangs have recorded more than 1G on the skid pad, and with the new 2010 Mustang Jack Roush mandated he would accept nothing less.

We are proud to say that our chassis engineers have recorded 1.02G on the skid pad using a 2010 ROUSH® 427R™ equipped with the standard 18” wheel and a set of Cooper RS3 tires. When Motor Trend recently tested the car, they were able to pull .92G, a very respectable skid pad number considering that vehicle was equipped with the optional 20” wheel and a Dunlop tire. One would expect that when the 20” Cooper RS3 tire goes into production shortly that number would improve as well.

Either of these numbers compare very favorably to other highly respected sports cars on the market. In an article titled “Track Attack! We Find America’s Best Handling Car” (by the way, they didn’t include ROUSH® in the field so they didn’t succeed in finding America’s best handling car…), Motor Trend recorded the following skid pad numbers:

  • Porsche Cayman S 1.00
  • Corvette Z06 .98
  • Porsche 911 GT3 .98
  • Corvette C6 .96
  • Lotus Exige S .96
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX .90
  • BMW 335i .86

We’ll let the numbers stand on their own merit, but to truly experience the handling we suggest you drive one of the new 2010 ROUSH® Mustangs and make your own conclusion.

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  • dan

    Ford should be ashamed to send a car out with all that rust on the axles. How much would it cost to add a litte paint??

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