2010 ROUSH Ford Mustang 427R - Specialty File (Car and Driver)

"Subtlety. Some strive for it, while others light their hair on fire and run into traffic screaming. Consider the Roush 427R. At first ogle, it’s nearly indiscernible from a standard-issue Ford Mustang GT, especially finished with black paint and flat-black decals, as was ours. But turn the key and this Mustang does its best impression of one of Jack Roush’s NASCAR sleds. The noise is intoxicating. We were addicted. The throaty, hairy-chested exhaust (a $710 option you can’t afford to skip) changes the entire character of this pony car when you get on the gas, and counterbalancing subtle aesthetic mods to help the Roush strike a balance between hey-look-at-me and I’m-just-an-average-Mustang.

"To be fair, the rest of Roush’s upgrades have a positive effect on the already improved-for-2010 Mustang GT, too, and they all work to improve the car’s characteristics in a balanced, even way. The 4.6-liter V-8 gets new breathing equipment, a supercharger, and a reprogrammed computer that yield 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, increases of 120 and 75, respectively, compared to the stock GT. (The 427 in the name is for nostalgic purposes, as the car’s output is now undersold by the decals on its flanks and the V-8 doesn’t displace 427 cubic inches.) A suspension package goes beyond that of Ford’s Track pack and includes new front struts, different rear shocks, and new springs and anti-roll bars at both ends."

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