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The PASSPORT 9500ciis the ultimate custom-installed radar and laser defense system for your vehicle. Now, ESCORT and ROUSH have teamed together to make this "Mac Daddy" of all detectors a factory installed option on high-performance Mustang packages such as the 2010 ROUSH 427R.Tickets don't take a Holiday! The holidays are always busy and at ESCORT we strive to make your driving worry free.

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PASSPORT 9500ix: "It has changed the industry"

The new PASSPORT 9500ix is clearly the most advanced detector available. There is simply nothing else like it.Visit our 2009 Holiday Special page to learn more >>

RedLine: Embrace the red avoid the blue


RedLine provides the longest range for every signal out there. Its twin-antennae design allows it to maximize performance by band, giving you the longest warning possible.
Visit our 2009 Holiday Special page to learn more >>

PASSPORT Qi45: Quick-installed protection

PASSPORT Qi45 The all-new Qi45 was designed to be quick - quick to install and quick to alert you to all radar or laser gun encounters.
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ESCORT Entourage PS: Portable tracking for the things that matter most

Entourage PS
The ESCORT Entourage PS goes anywhere you need it to. Use it to track and secure your prized possessions like your car, truck or motorcycle. Its compact design makes it easy to place in any vehicle or even a backpack.
Visit our 2009 Holiday Special page to learn more >>

ESCORT Entourage CIS: Installed vehicle tracking and security

Entourage CIS

Rest easy knowing your vehicles are now protected with our new Entourage CIS gps-enabled security and tracking system. The Entourage CIS installs easily into any vehicle and provides advanced cellular technology, allowing you to instantly track the whereabouts of your vehicle through our easy-to-use web-based user interface. Visit our 2009 Holiday Special page to learn more >>

ESCORT SmartMirror: It will change the way you look at the road

ESCORT SmartMirror

Part rearview mirror, part GPS navigation system, part Bluetooth® hands-free calling device and back-up camera for added safety. The SmartMirror is like nothing you've ever seen.

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PASSPORT 9500ci: The "Mac Daddy"


The PASSPORT 9500ci provides the ultimate in discreet protection. Its twin-antenna design sets a new standard for long-range performance and is completely undetectable. All-new laser sensors provide 360 degree protection against the latest laser threats including "double-pulse" guns. Select "Laser Shifting" mode and you'll have the ultimate defense against laser threats. (Check local laws before activating.) Visit our 2009 Holiday Special page to learn more >>

PASSPORT 8500 X50: Award-Winning performance

Designed for the driving enthusiast, the affordable PASSPORT 8500 X50 delivers the best possible protection in its class. In test after test, the 8500 X50 comes out on top.
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SOLO S2: No cord, no compromise

The Cordless SOLO S2 is the ultimate in convenience. Its sophisticated design and battery operation make it the perfect choice for the traveler who doesn't want the hassle of a power cord, or for someone who moves frequently between vehicles.

operated. Full protection.
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PASSPORT SC55: Add GPS intelligence to your current detector

Now you can add the intelligence of GPS technology and our Defender database to your current detector. Once connected, the SC55 provides alerts for location based threats including speed cameras, red light cameras and the toughest speed traps in
North America
. And, it's completely updatable using your PC and our website.Coming Soon! Pre-Order Yours Today >>

Accessories and Gifts

ESCORT Accessories and Gifts

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