ROUSH Road Crew Flies into Blackbird Air Park

Blackbird377x283-1 The ROUSH® Road Crew started their west coast event schedule with a flight into the Blackbird Air Park in Palmdale, Calif., which ended with a photo shoot combining some amazing vehicles and military planes together.

The day started in Irvine, Calif., at the weekly Cars & Coffee gathering. At this informal show you can see just about anything from classic cars to rods to the modern supercars. The RRC club cars were all gathered together, and the impressive showing of ROUSH vehicles drew many spectators who asked about the different models. Don’t be surprised to see a new RRC member or two come out of this event as there were quite a few people who expressed some serious interest in owning a ROUSH® Mustang in the very near future.

Unfortunately, our schedule allowed just an hour at the show as the members had to get on the highway for a two hour cruise through Los Angeles and up into the high desert community of Palmdale. Quite a few camera phone photos were taken of the caravan, and a few near disasters as drivers gawked at the dozen ROUSH Mustangs and Nitemare™ F-150 cruising up the 405 freeway.

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After the leisurely ride, the gate opened at the Blackbird Air Park and the cars pulled into the parking lot for a private tour of the airplanes. Meeting the group was Jimmy Doolittle III, the grandson of the WWII bomber; Mike Marchat, a noted aviation illustrator and author; and Tony Landis, official NASA photographer. The combined knowledge of these three experts was outstanding, and each was more than willing to regale the members with tales of the planes on display and the brave men that piloted them.

On display was a pair of the legendary SR-71 Blackbird high altitude photo reconnaissance planes, a U-2 spy plane, F-117 stealth fighter, and a rare and rarely seen D-21 spy drone that was launched off the Blackbird.

Blackbird377x283-2 Interestingly, it turns out that RRC member Chris used to work as a crew member on the SR-71 program and he too shared stories of his experience with the airplane.

As a surprise, Tony had arranged for the RRC member cars to pull up around the airplanes for a group photo. This type of photo had been expressly forbidden previously, so it was a rare honor for the ROUSH® Road Crew. Outside the fence, a group of people stopped to watch the proceedings, and several cars honked their horns in support of seeing the cool cars and planes grouped together for the first time.

From here, it was a short ten minute ride over to a local Applebees’s restaurant for lunch, bench racing, and story telling. There were more than 30 RRC members who took part in the first West Coast event for the club, and if not for a couple of late cancellations that number could have topped 40.

A special thanks goes out to RRC members Koji Kanemoto and Jeff Aswegan for not only the idea of this event, but helping worth through the myriad of details, as well as to Mike Marchat for being the intermediary between the Air Force Base and the club. A tip of Jack’s hat to all three gentlemen for their hard work on behalf of the club.

The next west coast event for the ROUSH® Road Crew is the California Showtime program which takes place on April 24 with a private tour of the Warner Brothers studio backlot. The following day RRC members will partner with ROUSH® and display their cars at the Fabulous Fords Forever show at Knott’s Berry Farm, one of the largest events on this side of the country. Spaces are still available, but limited so register soon if you are interested. Registration forms, and information on the ROUSH® Road Crew can be found online at

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  • Turbo Dan

    Hah, if there are supercars, there are superplanes too! Those blackbirds could outfly and outmaneuver russian surface to air missles, too bad they've been decommissioned, I think they're the best looking planes ever made! Cheers

  • chris spicher
    chris spicher

    Very cool

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