ROUSH Road Crew Tackles the Track & Cruises Pennsylvania

Pocono377x283 The ROUSH® Road Crew made their first Northeast visit a memorable two-day event which began with a chance to wring out club members ROUSH® vehicles on the road course at Pocono Raceway.

Members brought a variety of ROUSH® vehicles including new 2010 Stage 3™ Mustangs, BlackJack™, 360R™, several years worth of 427R® stallions, and even a Nitemare™ hit the racetrack. It was a chance to really see just how well the ROUSH® engineers do their job, not only under the hood but with the suspension and chassis side of the vehicle as well.

The event was held as part of the Hooked on Driving school so those new to track driving were able to participate in classroom “chalk talks” and had access to a coach that rode shotgun and offered great advice. Everyone learned a lot, not only about their car but how to become a much better driver on the track and how that transfers onto the street.

The road course includes much of the NASCAR oval, including Turn 2 where the cars entered the oval, down the backstretch (running backwards to how the stock cars race), through Turn 1 and the frontstretch. Many members reported hitting the speed limiter on their cars in these locations which is something that should be done only in a safe, controlled environment like this HOD event.

At the end of the day the HOD organizers allowed everyone to drive the NASCAR oval as a group so it was our chance to be Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, or David Ragan… at least for a few laps.

After the HOD event concluded for the day it was off to a dinner at the Ice House restaurant where everyone traded stories and shared their experiences. After that, it was off to bed dreaming of screaming around the racetrack as one of Jack’s drivers.

After a well-deserved rest the RRC joined up again for a cruise through the Pennsylvania countryside, albeit at a much reduced pace from the prior day.

During the cruise an unexpected phone call from RRC members Jeff and Michele led to a surprise for the group. They both work at Pepperidge Farm which has a plant that happens to be along the route we were taking and they were able to quickly set up a tour of the massive facility. We were able to see the production facility for Goldfish crackers, the cookies and bread lines which was quite interesting, and pretty much made everyone hungry for lunch. After a quick detour through the company store where we were able to purchase bread, cookies and other treats at employee pricing (thanks Michele!) it was back to the roads.

The cruise led through many of the back roads that wound around the farms and vineyards. This was Amish country so the horse and buggy traffic was something that our ponies had to work around as well.

The event ended with a great deli lunch, more stories, and a group photo. While this was the first ROUSH® Road Crew event in the region, it certainly won’t be the last.

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