2010 ROUSH 540RH - Sleeping Giant (5.0 Mustang)

50Mustang540RH377x283 "My definition of automotive fun is a car that can, at will, blow the tires off. Call me crazy, but there's nothing more fun than feeling a car's back end get out of step with the front end, especially from a roll. Any stick car can turn over the tires if you rev it up and dump the clutch, but to get a car out of shape from a roll; that's doing something. Since my '94 Cobra isn't that much fun, it's always enjoyable to drive something more powerful. The great thing is, I had this much fun in a brand-new Mustang . . . specifically, a 2010 Roush 540RH, known appropriately as the Hammer.

"In these days of computer-controlled this, and microprocessor-regulated that, the fact that you can walk into a local Ford dealer and purchase a car that makes 500 hp at the wheels is a great thing."

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