$40 Discount Offered to ROUSH Enthusiasts for Great Lakes Region Hooked on Driving Events

HODPocono377x283 We're living the "glory days" of the automobile... even the most average, top-selling modern car is capable of out-performing any '60s era performance car in virtually every performance category. In most cases, the car is better than most of us as drivers, but Hooked on Driving will teach you how to become a better driver, and the Great Lakes Region is offering a $40 discount to ROUSH® enthusiasts for any of their remaining events this year.

IT'S NOT WHAT YOU DRIVE BUT HOW YOU DRIVE IT — so bring your car (any make or model, not just a ROUSH® vehicle) out to one of the Midwest HOD event for the time of your life... that by the way, may show you some skills that can save your life in an emergency situation. Most of the HOD customers go away saying they have more confidence behind the wheel, a greater respect for their car, will drive more sensibly on public roads, and that they had the "time of their lives!"

What’s Hooked On Driving?
There is a phenomenon underway in the world of driving—it's called performance driving. An organizer rents a road race circuit like Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois, brings a team of experienced driving coaches, and produces a driving program where regular folks like you and I can drive their own cars on the track!

Here are the highlights:

  • Driving coach in your passenger seat
  • No competition whatsoever
  • Carefully managed schedule
  • No traffic citations!

Everyday citizens learn:

  • The importance of smoothness behind the wheel
  • Instincts to steer away from or around an incident vs. overreact or panic
  • The capabilities of your car in a controlled situation

And this all happens while having the most fun they've ever had, driving their car at a pace that would not be prudent on the public highways.

Priorities at the Hooked on Driving events are:

  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Learning

Ready to sign up? Visit www.HookedOnDriving.com for more information or to register for an event. Be sure to put in the code ROUSH-GL10 to get the $40 discount offer (valid only for the Great Lakes Region Events.

This $40.00 discount, applicable to our remaining Great Lakes schedule:

  • Friday July 16, Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI - $205.00 with ROUSH® discount code
  • Monday August 23, Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI - $335.00 with ROUSH® discount code
  • Monday October 4, Autobahn Country Club full circuit, Joliet, IL - $255.00 with ROUSH® discount code

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