ROUSH Exhaust Brings Growl to 5.0L Engine

4211271-377x229 LIVONIA, Mich. – The new Ford 5.0L engine in the 2011 Mustang is an amazing performance package. Now, with the addition of the new ROUSH® exhaust for this engine, it can also have the growl and menacing throaty bark that an American V-8 muscle car needs. Drivers will experience an aggressive sound under acceleration, yet refined under steady state, or cruising conditions, without the dreaded “drone” inside the cabin.

“An American muscle car like the Ford Mustang should sound like a muscle car,” explained Jack Roush. “The ROUSH exhaust kit for the new Ford 5.0L engine certainly remedies that, but doesn’t adversely affect any type of emission devices. Our engineers have worked hard to improve the sound of the exhaust and reduce the annoying boom that can happen at certain RPM ranges.”

The ROUSH 2011 Exhaust Kit uses 409 stainless steel in the construction of the pipes and muffler, and has an open-chambered design that will not deteriorate over time (unlike the fiberglass roving material used in traditional glass packs which have a tendency to deteriorate which changes the exhaust note).

There are two versions available, the difference being the shape of the tail pipe. The “Round Tips” fit the Ford or ROUSH Mustang rear valence (part number 421127, suggested retail $449.00); the ROUSH “Square Tip” design gives the car a totally different look, but requires the use of the ROUSH rear valence. The suggested retail on the Square Tip Kit is $440.00 (part number 421126; requires part 420009, $175.00).

The ROUSH tips are made from 304 stainless steel and finished with a unique chrome flashing process. Standard chrome plating uses large quantities of costly chemicals, which are bonded in layers. Each layer of material has distinct properties and if a layer is scratched or punctured it can begin to crack and flake off; nowhere is this more prevalent then in high temperature applications which result in thermal expansion and can cause the plating to blister and flake off. Chrome flashing, however, is bonded micro-porously to the steel and thus localized damage cannot result in crack propagation. Furthermore, chrome-flashing provides heat resistance to color change, which is a major issue to unprotected stainless steel in hot environments.

Installation is quick, easy, and uses all factory hanger locations and pierce points. No modifications to the vehicle are necessary. All the ROUSH hangers are chromed for superior appearance and corrosion resistance. New, high quality OE-spherical clamps are included in the kit.

ROUSH is currently accepting pre-orders for the 2011 Exhaust Kits by calling the ROUSH Customer Service line at (800) 59-ROUSH. These are expected to be available in early September.

To listen to several different sound clips of the ROUSH 2011 Exhaust Kit, including a comparison to the stock Ford exhaust, visit

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  • J. Evenson
    J. Evenson

    Will the ROUSH 2011 Exhaust Kit affect my Ford warranty?
    ROUSH: It shouldn't from a powertrain standpoint. The ROUSH warranty would be applicable to the exhaust itself.

  • A. Agnew
    A. Agnew

    what do you suggest for my /07 stage 3 mustang? I would love a 'louder' sound - my badge is 07/213 - thanks - a. agnew

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