Days and Knights in Florida

Knights377x283-001 The ROUSH® Road Crew™ made their second visit to the Sunshine State over the November 20-21 weekend with a full slate of activities and another enthusiastic group of participants.

The weekend began with an autocross hosted by the Cape Kennedy Corvette Club. Four ROUSH Mustangs took to the track to show the GM guys what a Mustang can do, and the contingent was led by Member Gerald who got his Stage 3™ down into a time that scared many ‘Vette owners. Members Terry and Cort also took to the parking lot course, and our own Tracey held her own in a 2011 ROUSH 5XR Mustang. The drivers each received seven runs and across the board they consistently lowered their times and got faster through the run.

Saturday evening saw the group enjoy the Medieval Times dinner theater. We were able to bring Member Cort’s RTC™ onto the walkway in front of the castle for a group photo, and had a couple of the Knights come out to the group parking area to check out our steeds which have considerably more horsepower than what they are used to.

The Blue Knight was among those that mingled with the group prior to the contest, fortuitous since he was the knight our section was cheering for. Unfortunately, he fared ‘nay to well’ in the games and was quickly killed during the competition, earning the nickname “Blue-ser” (say it quickly and you will get the joke).

The next morning the group cruised through central Florida and over to Vero Beach for a great lunch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at Mulligan’s restaurant. The cloudy weather did throw a little rain on the parade, but nobody saw their car melt. The biggest obstacle came when the group ran into a heavy debris field from a blown trucker tire; everyone scattered across both lanes and the shoulder to avoid hitting the larger chunks of rubber, but not everyone was entirely successful as Member Cort sustained some minor damage to his chin spoiler.

The ROUSH Road Crew is a club for enthusiasts, owners, and fans of the fast-paced ROUSH lifestyle. There are 18 events in 14 states scheduled for 2011, and new member registrations are always welcomed into the family. For more information visit to see the schedule, the latest news, or to download a club registration form.

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  • Koji D. Kanemoto
    Koji D. Kanemoto

    Another very well written report on a bunch of Roush enthusiasts having a GREAT time!

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