FIN Drives: 2011 ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang (Ford Inside News)

"Nature uses camouflage to disguise and protect the weak from predators. It also uses brighter colors and patterns to identify those with strong defenses and survival skills. These serve to warn off other would-be predators, who could become prey themselves for making the wrong choice. Is it any wonder that vibrant colors dominate in the muscle car market?

RS2-2-377x256 "When we arrived at the ROUSH Technical Center in Livonia, MI, there were two Stage 2 Mustangs parked in front. We rather hoped that the Silver one did not have our name on the keys. This was going to be an interesting review. Given all the hoop-la over the 2011 Mustang, why would one pay more to have it massaged for even better performance? Other reviews have favorably compared the factory stock Mustang GT to the BMW M3."

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