John Moyer Rocks with the 2012 RS3

We gave John Moyer, the bassist for the world famous heavy metal band Disturbed, the keys to one of our 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 for the night. Here is what he had to say.

When someone hands you the keys to a 540 horsepower Roush Mustang and says “Have fun!” don’t ask questions, don’t even blink, just get in the car and go.

Let me take it back a few steps…

First allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Moyer and I play bass for the heavy metal band Disturbed. I play the kind of music people listen to when they want to drive fast! Recently I was in Los Angeles on business (I live in Austin) and I had the great pleasure of meeting Jay Velthoven (Marketing Director) and Robert Barben (Sales Manager) from Roush Performance. A mutual friend of ours had invited us all out to LA to help promote a project involving rock stars and race cars.

Jay and Robert had two of the sweetest Mustangs I have ever laid eyes on. One was black with bright green racing stripes and the other was white with powerful red accents. Both cars sported a modest Roush logo, letting you know that these were not ordinary Mustangs. They looked like they were going 100 mph standing still. Better than how they looked was how they sounded!! Big throaty sounding engines that even when idling hinted at the power under the hood. After a long day of meetings, Jay and Robert wanted to take the cars up to Mulholland drive for a few scenic pictures. I rode with Robert and as we wound through the Hollywood Hills I was impressed with how smooth the ride was seeing I was in what could be considered a street legal race car.

We took some pictures at the top of the hill and when we were done Jay and Robert handed me the keys to the white RS3 Mustang. They told me to have fun and they would see me in the morning. They wanted me took get a real feel for the car myself. Well I did not ask questions. I didn’t even blink. I told them thank you and took off.

It is one thing to hear the sound of a 540 horsepower racing engine. It is another to be in control of that sound. Revving the engine as I cruised down Coldwater Canyon I familiarized myself with the controls and feel of the car. The steering and brakes were incredibly responsive but not too tight. You could definitely feel the road but it wasn’t so stiff that I was bouncing around in the car every time I went over a bump. When I got down to Sunset that is when I really let it go. I had about a half mile section through the heart of Beverly Hills all to myself! I took it through the gears. 1st then quickly to 2nd and then 3rd!! Oh 3rd gear how I love you! I felt as if a jet engine was pushing right into my back propelling me and the car down the road. What a rush!

Traffic was light and I took advantage of it. I took the 101 to the 405 and eventually found myself on the Pacific Coast Highway! Just me and the Roush mustang. Time slipped away. That night I put 150 miles on that car. I had friends texting and calling wondering where I was!!

When I finally got back to my hotel I regrettably handed the keys to the valet thinking that I would not get another chance to drive it again. Fortunately the Roush boys let me have it the next day too. As I write this and reminisce about the experience, I would like to thank Roush Performance for not only letting me drive around in one of their cars but also for making some of the best performance cars in the world.

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