Just In: Over 50 Ford Racing Parts

ROUSH® has added over 50 Ford Racing Parts.

5.0 Crate Engine Ford RacingFord Racing, engineers and craftsmen in the performance industry collaborate to create and develop the best upgrades for your Ford car or truck. For more than a century, Ford vehicles such as the Mustang and F-150 have been competing and winning on the track proof positive that a successful race car is more than a collection of performance parts. The entire team at ROUSH and Ford Racing is committed to giving you the very best options for improving your Mustang, F-150, or Ford powered vehicle.

Raptor Light BarROUSH is offering a wide range of Ford Racing Parts with improved functionality and power. Better handling and new styling, the Track Pack Wheel in black (M-1007-DC199B); this 19 inch by 9 inch wheel that works on 2005-2013 Ford Mustang was originally used as a track wheel option. Needing to monitor your Mustang, the Gauge Pack (M-6304GPACK-MA) which gives you three gauges allowing you to monitor, vehicle performance (0-60mph, ¼ mile, reaction, rear wheel hp, and g-force), oil and water pressure. Ford Racing offers the F-150 Raptor an Auxiliary Light Bar (M-15266-F15RBAR) that allows for the addition of up to 4 off-road lights to gain better visibility off-roading.Boss 302 Ford Racing Intake

Ford Racing offers a wide variety of modifications that you can now get at ROUSH. The Aluminum Radiator (M-8005-MGT) that cooled the FR500s and the Boss302s giving improved cooling is now available for the 2005-2012 Ford Mustang GT and ROUSH Mustang. Not planning to supercharger your 2005-2012 Ford Mustang but want extra power use a Boss302 (M-6424-M50BR) or 4.6L (M-6424-463V) Performance Intake Manifold to gain extra air flow to your engine. Need a new motor to power a ROUSH supercharger? Get the new 5.0L Ford Coyote ‘Aluminator’ engine (M-6007-A50SC) to power your Ford vehicle down the road.

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>>Track Pack Wheel (Part# M-1007-DC199B) – Price $234.95
>>Gauge Pack (Part# M-6304GPACK-MA) – Price $1,399.95
>>Auxiliary Light Bar (Part# M-15266-F15RBAR) – Price $321.95
>>Aluminum Radiator (Part# M-8005-MGT) – Price $749.00
>>Performance Intake Manifold - Boss302 (Part# M-9424-M50BR) – Price $599.95
>>Performance Intake Manifold – 4.6L V8 (Part# M-9424-463V) – Price $724.95
>>5.0 Ford Racing Coyote Aluminator Engine (Part# M-6007-A50SC) – Price $8,099.00

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