How to Properly Clean ROUSH Wheels

ROUSH Hyper WheelROUSH Performance® wants to give some helpful cleaning hints. Cleaning ROUSH wheels the proper way is easier than most think. To clean you would use a mild soap like dish soap to breakdown road grim and grit with water and cleaning cloth. ROUSH does not recommend any chemical cleaners because they may damage the wheel finish. ROUSH Performance must emphasis that using any other cleaning agent than mild soap and water will void the wheel warranty. Due to the variation of cleaning products on the market ROUSH would like to take this time to notify customers of the proper way to keep your wheels shining bright for years.

**ROUSH Updated Vehicle Care Note**

ROUSH Vehicle Exterior Care—Cleaning Your Wheels

Regular cleaning of your wheels with mild soap and water is recommended to protect your investment in the high-quality ROUSH® wheels.  Use of chemical cleaners may adversely affect the finish of the wheels, resulting in shorter life span or damaged coatings.  Due to the variety of cleaning products available on the market, only mild soap and water is recommended for regular cleanings to maintain the finish of the wheels.  Use of cleaners other than soap and water will void your warranty.

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