ROUSH Offers Automatic Supercharged Stage 3 Mustangs?

Is it wrong that ROUSH® Performance makes an automatic supercharger and offers it ROUSH Stage 3 with Automaticin the factory built Stage 3 Mustangs? ROUSH knows people assume all sports cars need to be manual but according to the Detroit News 91% of all 2009 model year cars sold in the US were dare we say automatic. In comparison, 2011 only 31% of Mustangs excluding GT500 were manufactured with an automatic transmission.

Now Ford has been trying new tricks with the automatics for a better driving experience. The five-speed from 2005 had an adaptive shifting which continued in the 6-speed version introduced in 2011. 2013 the sport mode and select shift feature has been added. The automatics have been a standard for people with stop and go traffic. Drag racers sometimes use automatics for the consistency. Basically today for an average driver automatics are the norm, but what if it’s not a normal automatic.

The new sport mode now offered in the Mustang gives new meaning to a ROUSH automatic. Having driven automatic Mustangs in the past and enjoyed the shift free experience,  I've found that even with the loads of ROUSH power it could still feel a bit tame at times.  This is no longer the case! Put the automatic from D to S the sport mode ROUSH 625 superchargerand it becomes Dr. Jekyll instead of the polite Mr. Hyde with the ROUSH added supercharger. It’s hard to explain to most that when you first put the Mustang in S and it hold shifts down shifts to the point of meanness not seen in the old ROUSH automatics. It bucks as though it does not want to creep in stop and go traffic. Not un-drivable but wanting to set free all of the ROUSHcharged horsepower under the hood.

It’s still hard to justify buying an automatic ROUSH supercharged Mustang but if you learn the secrets it can make sense. Daily driving may not be the life for most ROUSH Stage 3 Mustangs but now it is more manageable for the congested city driver or the ROUSH Stage 3owner who grew out of shifting but wanting the most from their 565 hp beast.  The S mode will make it so you have to put down the coffee when you put it to the floor of the ROUSH supercharged Mustang. Holding on to the wheel will make the smile as the Mustang becomes alive with our added power.

For the avid road racer or the purist the manual will still be the standard but for the few who want the driving experience the ROUSH automatic may sway you. Automatic owners don’t normally regret getting them until people talk bad about them. I beg to ask the question to anyone stating they mock the automatic ask do they own an automatic. Most will have to admit to having one in the family. ROUSH offers both a manual and automatic transmission because everyone should be able to own and enjoy a ROUSH no matter how they want to change gear it’s about the enjoyment of driving a ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang.

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