Get Your Cool On -- Larger LTR For ROUSH Supercharged F-150 and Raptor

High Capacity Low Temp Radiator from ROUSH Performance provides better cooling for ROUSH-supercharged 2011-2014 5.0L F-150 and 6.2L Raptor trucks.


One of the biggest enemies to a vehicle's power is heat.  This is especially an issue for supercharged applications, where a lot of power (and heat) is generated very quickly.  Heat makes air less dense, which means that it has less power-enabling oxygen per unit volume.  Furthermore, modern day vehicles surrender even more power when things get hot -- they are programmed to do this in an effort to protect the engine against over-heating.  The new LTR (Low Temp Radiator) from ROUSH Performance helps to stave off power-robbing heat with an even larger capacity and thickness -- it has over twice the capacity and is over twice as thick as the previous ROUSH LTR.

Product Highlights

  • Works with 2011-2014 5.0L F-150 and 6.2L Raptor trucks that are equipped with a ROUSH supercharger
  • Direct replacement for current, full-face LTR
  • Simple bolt-in LTR that can be integrated with the current lower / smaller LTR
  • LTR painted black with "ROUSH" logo painted silver across the middle
  • LTR capacity: 1900 ml
  • Core thickness: 40 mm
  • Full-face, all-aluminum design to keep the intercooler water temperature cool
  • Manifold Charge Temperatures (MCT) drop by 45 degrees Fahrenheit when running the dual LTR set-up during WOT (wide-open throttle) runs
  • During steady state driving tests, dual LTRs shown on average to reduce inlet air temperatures by 27 degrees Fahrenheit over Lower LTR-only usage
  • Dual LTRs provide more efficient air cooling and increases heat transfer area, which results in lower intercooler water temperatures and provides superior air charge cooling
  • Covered by the standard ROUSH 90-Day Limited Parts Warranty
  • Product # 421742
  • MSRP: $649.99


The High-Capacity LTR for ROUSH Supercharged F-150’s and Raptor’s is on sale now:

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ROUSH Performance
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