Check out our legendary ROUSH Supercharger kits, including the new 2015 Mustang Phase 1 Kit.

Since 1995 ROUSH Performance has been taking Fords and bringing them to new levels of
2015 ROUSH TVS Supercharger power and performance, all while remaining as reliable as they were from the factory. ROUSH cars are the ultimate street machines, thanks in no small part to their ROUSHCHARGED engines. But you don’t have to own a fully spec’d ROUSH RS3 Mustang to reap the benefits of ROUSH’s superior engineering. Supercharger Kits from ROUSH will transform your Ford from a humble everyday driver to a serious performance machine while maintaining a clean factory installed look, and unlike other supercharger options, most ROUSH supercharger Kits come with a 36000 mile Warranty. There are many Supercharging options available from Roush, each with its own specific application and benefits. Here we highlight just a few that just might be the perfect way to take your vehicle to the next level.

2015 5.0L Phase 1 Supercharger Kit.

Ford’s introduction of the new S550 chassis for 2015 has created a huge buzz around the mustang. With new technology, stunningly good looks and for the first time in Mustang history, a fully independent rear suspension, the new Ford Mustang has the potential to be a legendary performance car.

The 2015 5.0L ROUSH Phase 1 Supercharger Kit is the best option available for boosting the output of the new mustang. Taking full advantage of ROUSH’s OEM level design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, this kit is built to fit perfectly and install painlessly. 600+ horsepower gains can be had with this kit and ROUSH calibration. The roots-type R2300 supercharger features Eaton’s TVS (Twin Vortices Series) technology. 160 degree four lobe rotors and newly designed intake and outlet ports increase volumetric capacity and create a more efficient airflow into the engine. The Kit includes a pulley, manifolds an intercooler and a 60mm throttle body along with all fasteners wiring and clamps.

2011-2014 F-150 6.2L phase 2

In 2015 the F-150 will be dropping the 6.2 engine as an option, but that doesn't mean we will. Our best selling supercharger kit, The Phase 2 6.2L for the 2011-2014 F-150 and SVT Raptor, packs a huge punch and is the best supercharger kit available for the 6.2L Increasing output by 179 HP making a 590 HP total. The Kit comes with all the necessary hardware, wiring and brackets and it includes a Cold air inductions system, 100mm MAF and high-flow fuel rails with 47lb injectors. Like all ROUSH parts this kit is designed to fit as though it came installed on the factory floor.

2011-2014 Phase 1, 2, 3 Mustang 5.0 Superchargers.

For 2011-2014 5.0L Mustangs ROUSH phase 1, 2 and 3 Supercharger kits produce 575, 625 and 675 HP respectively. The Phase 1 kit includes a Calibrated ROUSH TVS supercharger along with high flow fuel rails and injectors, a 60mm Throttle body and 85mm pulley. The phase 2 Kit includes a ROUSH cold air induction kit with 110mm MAF and a Custom ROUSH Calibration Flash for a huge 50 HP gain. The Phase 3 includes a smaller 80mm pulley, a ROUSH fuel pump voltage regulator and a more aggressive Calibration flash for an additional 50 HP. And of course all of these kits come with an unbeatable warranty and ROUSH’s superior fitment.

4.6 Phase 2 kits.

Although the 5.0L designation is synonymous with power, The Ford 4.6 Modular engine is an extremely capable engine as well. And with a ROUSH Performance Phase 2 Supercharger Kit,  2005-2010 4.6L Mustangs can reliably produce 550 HP on stock internals. With Custom Phase 2 calibration, a 90mm pulley, intercooler and an upgraded fuel system straight out of the GT500, This kit turns your stock 4.6 Mustang into a force to be reckoned with. When 550 HP isn’t enough for you, this kit can be made to produce much more power on forged internals.

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ROUSH Performance
ROUSH Performance, a division of Roush Enterprises, designs, engineers and manufactures completely assembled pre-titled vehicles, aftermarket performance parts, and superchargers for the global performance enthusiast market. Based in Plymouth Township, Michigan, ROUSH Performance was founded in 1995 by motorsports legend Jack Roush.
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