2010-2014 F-150 Exhaust Systems: Get Ready to Rumble

ROUSH Dual Pipe Exhaust on a Ford SVT RaptorIt goes without saying that here at ROUSH, we’re all about distinct performance enhancements. You could have the best looking truck around, but it’s all kind of null and void if it doesn’t sound as beastly as it looks. Call us biased, but the ROUSH Exhaust Systems for 2010-2014 Ford F-150s and 2011-2014 Raptors are just the thing you need to ensure that your truck’s bark matches its bite.

ROUSH Performance offers two different versions of exhaust systems for the Ford F-150: one that exits through the rear of the truck, and another that exits to the side. While the exhaust systems offer the same benefits and the same tone, we can appreciate that everyone has different plans and ideas for their dream trucks, and enthusiasts don’t like to skimp on even the smallest details. We get it – we’re enthusiasts too.

ROUSH Side-Exit F-150 ExhaustRegardless of which exhaust you choose, you can expect increased airflow and reduced back pressure to help your truck reach full potential in horsepower and torque ratings. Each system consists of a polished muffler, outlet pipe, and y-pipe. The muffler and inlet/outlet pipes are crafted from 409 grade stainless steel, and both systems feature dual tips made from 304 stainless steel. A chrome flashing process is used on the tips to ensure that the finish won’t crack or fall victim to the heat color change that all too commonly plagues those finished using the conventional chrome plating process. This process also provides for superior corrosion resistance and durability.

Both systems are guaranteed to fit all 2011-2014 5.0L-V8 and 3.5L V6 F-150s, as well as the 2010-2014 6.2L-V8 F-150 SVT Raptor. This means that it doesn’t matter what cab or bed your truck has – you’ll have no problem installing a ROUSH exhaust. Factory mounting points are utilized to erase the requirement of modification or welding.

Check out ROUSH Performance F-150 exhausts Here: www.ROUSHPerformance.com or by calling (800) 59-ROUSH.

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