Suiting Up: 2015 ROUSH Mustang Body Components

i-t3Xcxb7-XLPurchasing a new car, especially a 2015 Mustang, means bringing home a blank slate just waiting to be enhanced with your personal touches. Your 2015 Mustang is hungry for personalization, and ROUSH has just the thing with our line of 2015 ROUSH Body Components. The aggressive new body components are distinctly “ROUSH”, combining aerodynamics and classic ROUSH styling to enhance your 2015 Mustang’s already stunning good looks.

Currently available in the lineup are: ROUSH Front Fascia, ROUSH Upper and Lower High-Flow Grills (for use with the ROUSH Fascia only), ROUSH Front Chin Splitter, ROUSH Rocker Aero Aids, ROUSH Aero Rear Valance, ROUSH Decklid Spoiler, and ROUSH Hood, Body Side, and Quarter Window Scoops.

i-SnfkqmD-XLThe components are the very same ones you’ll find on the 2015 ROUSH Mustangs rolling through our doors. As with all of our other body components, these parts have been developed with CAD using original equipment materials to ensure a factory fit, with factory mounting points utilized whenever possible. CAD, or computer-aided design, is a process by which computer systems are used to assist in creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of a design – in this case, body parts that perfectly fit your 2015 Mustang. The benefits of CAD are virtually limitless, but include increased productivity of the designer and the increased quality of their designs.

Speaking of those original equipment materials, ROUSH uses two different materials to produce the body components – blow molded acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and high-pressure injected thermal plastic olefin (TPO).

ABS is an engineered plastic with qualities that make it highly-durable and resistant to heat and impact. The blow molding process is unique in that it creates hollow products by expelling a parison, or tube of plastic, between two halves of a mold, closing a mold on it to seal the bottom, and inserting a blow pin in the top to inflate it into the shape of the mold. The mold then opens and the newly-formed part drops out. Many of our 2015 body components, including the ROUSH Hood Scoop, Quarter Panel Side Scoops, Quarter Window Scoops, and Rear Spoiler, are created using this process. ABS is a trusted material that has been used in the making of countless ROUSH products.

3N1A3388-X2TPO on the other hand is injection molded to create ROUSH body components in a much different process. Rather than a tube of plastic being blown into a shape, plastic is melted in an injection molding machine, injected into a mold, and is cooled and solidified into a finished part before the mold opens and the part is ejected. Major benefits of high-pressure injection molded TPO include lasting durability and a greater amount of detail in the finished product due to the firm pressing of the molten plastic against the mold. ROUSH Rocker Aero Aids (winglets), Front Chin Splitter, Front Fascia Lower Grille, and Rear Fascia Valance are all high-injection TPO molded.

ROUSH Body Components are manufactured in the USA and Canada and come with a 90-day ROUSH limited parts warranty.

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