ROUSH 2015 Adjustable Coilover Suspension Delivers 1.07 Lateral G’s


ROUSH Performance recently announced that two suspension upgrade kits have been made available for the 2015 Ford Mustang. Ford did a great job with the 2015 Ford Mustang’s stock suspension, but now, you can take your Mustang’s handling from adept to robust with our Single  Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit (PN: 421839), or really up the ante with our Triple  Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit (PN: 421840).

OUR 2015 RS3 test Mule set up for data collection. OUR 2015 RS3 test Mule set up for data collection.

Each suspension kit greatly improves the handling in 2015 Ford Mustangs and drops ride height by 1.5-inches in the front, and 1-inch in the rear. In our testing we were able to achieve an impressive 1.07g lateral skid pad acceleration*, while maintaining a high level of ride quality on the street, and increased performance on the track. As is customary at ROUSH Performance, the systems are both race-inspired and track-proven, and are engineered and tested to achieve proper balance with the whole vehicle as an integrated system.

Interior Revised A tangle of wires, cables and gadgets ready for testing.

While the Single Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit provides ride height adjustment, the Triple Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit also offers additional damping and rebound.

So why should you buy a ROUSH suspension?

  • Lowered ride height for better handling characteristics and a better look
  • Increased spring rates in the front and rear
  • Reduced body roll due to spring and damper combination
  • Twin tube dampers were custom engineered and manufactured specifically for ROUSH applications. The rear damper specifically was designed with a larger damper rod and given more midrange compression for a better ride feel and better on-track performance.
  • Increased nominal damping forces over the base GT
  • Both front and rear dampers utilize a patented valve system for precision and consistent adjustments each time
  • Dampers are adjustable for compression (downward) forces and rebound (upward) forces
  • Compression and rebound forces are adjusted separately, so one will not affect the other
  • Front and rear ride heights are adjustable (lower spring mounts are threaded and can be adjusted to suit)
  • Development and testing was conducted at Willow Springs International Raceway and Streets of Willow in California and Gingerman Raceway in Michigan
  • Sign-off testing and evaluation was completed at the Michigan Proving Grounds in Romeo, Michigan
  • Data acquisition systems used were ROUSH’s own Drive Systems using specific software developed by ROUSH engineers and programmers. Racelogic Video VBOX Lite and Racelogic Driftbox were also utilized for track testing and comparisons.

Each kit comes complete with two front struts, a front and a rear spanner wrench, a rear adjustable shock assembly, red “ROUSH” rear springs, and rear adjustable spring mounts. The Triple adjustable kit also features a black rebound adjustment knob.

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*Testing on a 2015 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang with the ROUSH Triple Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit on Cooper RS3 Series Tires with as-delivered settings.

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