Free ROUSH Diagnostic Tool and Free 670 HP Upgrade!


ROUSH Performance has supercharger news! This week, we released a big announcement involving our 2015+ supercharger, and also wanted to remind you about the ROUSH Diagnostic Tool.

Firstly, ROUSH is excited to announce a free upgrade for our 2015+ ROUSH supercharger. Effective immediately, ROUSH is handing out vouchers for 43 horsepower on the house, taking your 627-horsepower supercharger kit up to 670 horsepower with a new calibration featuring improved drivability, durability, and of course more horsepower to bring you the highest quality, most efficient supercharger system in the market . . . That’s right, FREE horsepower!

Thanks for being a loyal customer as we continue to add horsepower to the most robustly-designed, best fitting and most reliable supercharger on the market.


If you’re currently running our 627 horsepower aftermarket kit simply visit the link below, fill out a quick survey, print your free voucher, and drive to your local ROUSH-authorized Ford dealership or speed shop to receive the upgraded calibration, and claim your additional 43 ponies on us (voucher is free, but calibration flash charges will apply at dealership). Of course, your existing 3-year/36,000-mile warranty (if any) remains in effect.

For your free calibration upgrade fill out the form here: 

Secondly, we wanted to remind you about our ROUSH Diagnostic Tool or RDT. ROUSH Performance consistently supplies innovative ideas and engineering excellence to the Ford aftermarket. The availability of its RDT continues the trend free of charge, and is available for download and installation on computers running Windows 7 and newer operating systems. The software can be downloaded and the full list of system requirements and recommendations can be accessed by visiting

The SAE J2534 hardware interface is needed to connect your computer to the vehicle’s ODB in order to access your vehicle’s data, but one of the benefits of this system is that it streamlines the ECU updating process. Rather than having to update a vehicle with ROUSH calibration by shipping the ECU to ROUSH for re-flashing (as was the case in previous years), the new process allows you to redeem a calibration voucher code included in ROUSH upgrade kits within the software and update the ECU directly via ODB connection.

As a result, you can update your ECU in minutes rather than days.

The RDT software also features diagnostic tools that perform the same tests that ROUSH runs at the end of the assembly line. This allows you to check for problems with a part installation prior to running your vehicle on the street, and also helps diagnose problems resulting in a “check engine” light. The information is available for review and allows ROUSH technical support to directly access the data to identify issues quickly.

“RDT is a flexible diagnostic tool that supports configuration, programming, and diagnostics on all F150 and Mustangs since 2004,” explains Justin Schroder, Vehicle Director at ROUSH Performance. “The tool is free for download, will read and clear DTC’s on all powertrain control modules, has overlay graph combined with full function data display and logging, and of course module programming and configuration. There are relevant functional tests available, and the tool can automatically send data to our hotline. Module programming is via a secure cloud transaction unique to the industry. Also unique to the RDT is the End of Line (EOL) functionality. This is the same level of EOL that our manufacturing plant uses, and is available for the installer to use themselves to help verify that our supercharger is installed and operating correctly within our factory limits. RDT is the only tool that releases this level of functionality, free, to customers and end users.”

EDIT: RDT is not available for download and installation on computers running Windows XP.

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