Let's Get Technical: ROUSH Serial Numbers Explained

We receive a lot of questions regarding the serial numbers found on ROUSH vehicles. You may have noticed by now that there are two tags on each ROUSH: a sticker in the doorjamb and a badge under the hood. Each has a different number, leading many owners to believe there may have been a mistake during production here at ROUSH headquarters, but this is not the case! Each Mustang is given two serial numbers to tell its owner just where their car landed in the production line for that model year. When it comes to Raptors and F-150s, there is a single badge in the doorjamb.

The doorjamb sticker in question can be found on the passenger side of your vehicle. The number reflects the production number of your ROUSH vehicle in line with all of the other Mustangs, Raptors, and F150s created in that model year.

For instance, this sticker shows 14-2455. This means that this vehicle was the 2,455th ROUSH built in 2014.

On the other hand, the badge under the hood of ROUSH Mustangs only, found on the driver’s side, represents the package-specific build number.

Check it out: This photo shows SN150099RS. That means that this badge belongs on the 99th 2015 ROUSH RS built.

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