First Look: 2020 ROUSH F-150

With 2020 just around the corner, we are excited to announce the first of many exciting vehicle programs for the upcoming model year – the all new 2020 ROUSH F-150. Built from either the Ford XLT or Lariat platforms, this ROUSH F-150 has been extensively engineered to ensure it’s ready for even the most demanding jobs.

While drivers will continue to be able to expect the same incredible drivability and attention to detail that ROUSH is known for, there are plenty of new features that are sure to excite longtime fans of the brand as well as drivers who are new to the performance automotive space.

We understand that truck enthusiasts are adventurous and are looking for a vehicle that can take on any terrain they may come across, on or off the road. This is why we have partnered with FOX to deliver a suspension package that can tackle off-roading while still maintaining the handling customers are looking for on their daily commute. The 2020 ROUSH F-150 features a ROUSH / Fox 2.0 Off-road Suspension System & Lift. This suspension has been designed, developed, and rigorously tested to withstand the harshest conditions and ensure drivers are able to get where they’re going in comfort.  Preset with 2.0" of lift in the front, leveling out the truck, this suspension features nitrogen charged aluminum body coilovers with tuned performance springs and 6061-T6 aluminum rear shocks with internal floating pistons that dramatically improve stability and off-road performance. On top of all that, our engineering team has taken this suspension to the next level by adding specific shock valving for our F-150 trucks with upgraded wheel and tire combinations.

Given how much time went into ensuring the ROUSH/Fox 2.0 suspension was up to any task it may face, we knew the 2020 ROUSH F-150 needed a set of upgraded wheels and tires to match. We are pleased to unveil the, new for this year, 20-inch satin black ROUSH wheels that are wrapped in high performance 33” General Tire Grabber AT/X rubber capable of tackling any terrain without diminishing comfort or performance. These all-terrain tires have been tested and proven for everyday commutes, towing and payload, and off-road performance. Drivers living in colder areas will appreciate that these tires carry the 3 peak mountain snowflake rating - indicating the tire meets required performance criteria in snow testing to be considered severe snow service-rated.

Underneath, the 2020 ROUSH F-150 features a dual tip performance exhaust system for expelling all of that added power and torque along with an aggressive tone. While the iconic ROUSH rumble produced by our exhaust is sure to make everyone take notice, we have an added option for drivers looking for more control over their truck’s sound. Our ROUSH Active Exhaust system uses an electronically controlled valve to give customers complete control over their exhaust note. The included ROUSH-branded, console-mounted selector switch allows drivers to seamlessly toggle between touring, sport, or off-road mode. Our Active Exhaust application for iOS gives customers the ability to create their own sound profile for custom mode.

With the upgrades to suspension and exhaust, we knew we had to give the 2020 ROUSH F-150 an aggressive style package worthy of this off-roading beast. The 2020 ROUSH F-150 combines refined off-road capability with rugged good looks for any off-the-grid adventure. With a custom ROUSH grille, featuring integrated signature lighting, and front bumper cover, the new ROUSH F-150 has an aggressive appearance designed to turn heads on and off the road. On each corner, the fender flares feature integrated accent lighting, giving your truck a wider stance. The ROUSH fender badges, and several new customizable graphics packages make this truck stand out from the rest. The newly integrated “R” projector/puddle lamps display the ROUSH logo on the ground as you enter/exit your truck. 

To match the impressive styling on the exterior, we are excited to unveil our all-new, upgradeable premium ROUSH leather package This package provides unmatched comfort and style. Additionally, an embroidered headrest featuring the ROUSH logo completes the luxurious look of this truck. Drivers will also have the chance to add the optional ROUSH-branded Console Vault®, to keep even their most valued items safe. (above photo)

While there is more we can say about this truck, we encourage drivers to use the Dealer Search Tool on to find a ROUSH authorized dealer and see how incredible the 2020 ROUSH F-150 is in person.

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