First Look: ROUSH Mustang Supercharger Kit - Phase 2

If you’ve seen any of the Spider-Man movies, chances are you’ve heard that with great power comes great responsibility. As far as I know, no one on the ROUSH Performance team has the ability to cling to walls or dodge Bullitts (see what I did there?), but everyone here does know the importance of great power. This is why we are beyond excited to unveil the brand new 2020 ROUSH Phase 2 retail Supercharger kit.

This Phase 2 Supercharger kit builds on the enhanced performance of the Phase 1 supercharger system and boosts the stock 5.0L V8 Mustang GT to an incredible 750 horsepower and 670 pound-feet of torque - a gain of 290 horsepower over the stock engine and an additional 50 horsepower and 60 pound-feet of torque over the Phase 1 kit.  Drivers who are looking for more control over their power are in luck, as this kit is compatible with both automatic and manual transmissions.

In addition to the increased power delivered by the Phase 2 kit, our engineering team has built in increased functionality with cooling technology that delivers more consistent horsepower. The Phase 2 kit comes equipped with a larger Low Temperature Radiator and an upgraded calibration, which work in harmony to improve cooling and optimize performance, giving drivers extra laps at the track. Like our previous superchargers, the Phase 2 kit uses Eaton’s TVS technology for increased power output throughout the RPM band.

ROUSH Phase 1 - Phase 2 Upgrade Kit

Customers who have already purchased the Phase 1 kit can get even more power by installing the new Phase 1 to Phase 2 upgrade kit. This upgrade kit utilizes the same head unit as the Phase 1 but adds an upgraded calibration and LTR so that drivers will be able to get the most out of their Mustang when it really counts.

There’s no doubt we have the power covered, but like any good Spider-Man fan will tell you, there is a second, very important part of that iconic saying. Keeping in mind the great responsibility that comes with all this power, we are proud to offer our 3-year/36,000-mile in-house, limited powertrain warranty standard on our Phase 2 Supercharger kit. After all, we wouldn’t put our name on it without one. And, the fact that our warranty is handled in-house means that drivers will be able to work directly with us, never having to worry about dealing with third parties. We want drivers to feel confident knowing that we are always behind them so the competition is too. 

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