ROUSH Owner Spotlight - Brian Pinter (JackHammer Owner's Group)

From time to time we like to highlight some unique stories that we come across. Brian Pinter recently attended our 25th Anniversary ROUSH Road Crew Homecoming (link to event recap blog) event in Michigan where he told us all about his story and what he's been doing with the ROUSH JackHammer Owner's Group.

Brian’s story begins in August 2010 with his Sunset Gold Mustang GT Premium. He visited ROUSH Performance in August 2011 and took a tour of our assembly line. His tour guide at the time was Gary Jurick. Brian learned so much from his experience and fell in love with the ROUSH brand that he wanted to upgrade his 2010 Mustang into a 427R replica.

After talking with Gary about outfitting his Mustang with ROUSH components, Brian bought some ROUSH Performance parts to start the process. Brian’s project was completed 2 years later and he recalls when he showed Gary his finished Mustang.

Brian said to Gary, “It's not a real ROUSH but what do you think?” Gary replied “ROUSH needs people who buy new Mustangs, but ROUSH also needs people to buy parts to upgrade their Mustangs. Both people are real ROUSH customers.” Brian understood then, that he was a part of Team ROUSH.

Fast forward to May 2nd, 2018. Brian recalls ROUSH Performance unveiling the 710 horsepower ROUSH JackHammer. After years of owning his 2010 Mustang, Brian said to his wife Kelly, "I want a real ROUSH and a JackHammer is going to be a short run of only 200 vehicles produced".

On August 4th, 2018, Brian found a ROUSH JackHammer with the Digital Instrument Cluster option that he wanted, at Orleans Ford in Medina, New York. August 11th he drove out to New York and traded in his 2010 Mustang GT for a ROUSH JackHammer #146 in Orange Fury Metallic. He hasn’t looked back ever since.

On July 28th, 2019 Brian decided to create the Roush JackHammer Owner's group on Facebook. If you own a ROUSH JackHammer and would like to join the Facebook Group, please click HERE to check it out! 

I asked Brian to tell us what his ROUSH JackHammer Group on Facebook is all about. Brian said, “As a group on Facebook, we talk about upgrades we have done, what events are attending, show pictures of our vehicles, help educate other members about their vehicles and introduce new members. I want every owner to feel SPECIAL!”

Brian wanted to know everything he could find out about the ROUSH JackHammers that were produced but the MOST important goal he had was to bring people together. He quickly found out this went beyond the USA. Australia and Canada had JackHammers. In the first 7 days of the group being live,  he found James who owns JackHammer #127 in Australia. James works for Mustang Motorsports and built 10 JackHammers in Australia. Brian also found 10 JackHammers which were sent to Canada!

James from Mustang Motorsport in Australia

Canadian Triple Yellow 2018 ROUSH JackHammer

Brian told us that he eats, sleeps, and drives JackHammer! For over 2 years now, he has been collecting data and bringing fellow JackHammer owners together to help educate them on the vehicle that they own and build a community of lifelong friends.

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